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About Us

www.boatlaunch.co.uk is the only UK on-line boating directory with up-to-date and comprehensive information on slipways, marinas, chandlery, engine agent, sea schools, tidal predictions and a host of other information. It is designed to deliver information for all boating activities with easy-to-use interactive maps. The slipway data is contributed by sailors, divers, fishermen, water skiers, harbourmasters and marina operators alike.

All our information is available free of charge for use on web sites or electronic navigation devices and we are the leading supplier of electronic data to the marine leisure industry. Our partnerships with the top names in the boating world including Garmin, Memory Map and SeaPro. We have extensive knowledge of geo-coded database development, usability and quality of data and we develop sophisticated internet mapping interfaces. We also produce the Good Launch Guide in association with CSL publishing which lists details of slipways in and around the UK.

We want the new boatlaunch to be the best online boating directory available to you. We want to make it better so please send us any feedback you have about our new web site.

General Comments
Please email us any thoughts you have about the site, how easy it is to use or any suggestions about how to make it better.

Please email us any feedback on things you have found wrong with the site or things that have not worked. In your email, please include information about

  • What browser you are using e.g. Internet Explorer 6.
  • What Operating System e.g. Windows XP.
  • What page you were on when you experienced the problem.
  • What you were trying to do that caused the problem.
  • Details of what went wrong.

For further information email geoff@boatlaunch.co.uk