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Download Boatlaunch information for use on PC or GPS

At boatlaunch we make all our information feely available for you to download and use on your PC or GPS.  Our information is used extensively on a multitude of navigation platforms including Garmin, Memory-Map, Maptech and Microsoft AutoRoute.

The Excel spreadsheets have the Marina and slipway information with lat long locations in decimal format and links back to the information page on the web site.  The other downloads are in the form of map overlays that will work on various different mapping platforms.  If the mapping platform you use is not listed try downloading the Excel spreadsheet and see if you can import the data. 

Data format Marinas Slipways
Excel - Can be used to create overlays for many mapping applications including Microsoft AutoRoute DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Garmin (as an overlay that will work on MapSource)   DOWNLOAD
Memory-Map overlay   DOWNLOAD
Google Earth - You will have to have downloaded Google Earth DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD

You can download a free version of Memory Map software (some functions are restricted) along with free charts to see the Memory Map overlays in action.
To download free Memory-Map software <<click here>>
To download the sample maps and charts <<click here>>

Let us know how you  get on with these downloads and if they are useful let us know and we will try and develop other formats.

Please email me at geoff@boatlaunch.co.uk with and suggestions or feedback.